Meet Immaculate Njenge-Kassait the mysterious woman who has been accused of “rigging elections in Kenya since 2007”. She is supposed to have been key to rigging the 2007 elections to help her tribesman Mwai Kibaki win.

She then returned in 2013 to rig out Raila Odinga and agains ensure her tribesman wins that year’s election.

Mrs. Immaculate Njenge-Kassait who is married to Tiaty member of parliament (who she is also accused of rigging in) is accused of being the brains behind the massive rigging of the 2027 elections held on the 8th of August. This time the Supreme Court had had enough and invalidated the election.

Immaculate Njenge-Kassait has lived in the shadows, never coming to the fore but nevertheless mentioned heavily and usually adversely. We discovered her photo and full name when a citizen posted it on twitter.

It turns out she has been hiding in plain sight with her image and name all over the internet.

Immaculate Njenge-Kassait



Immaculate Njenge-Kassait



Immaculate Njenge-Kassait

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