The Uhuru Kenyatta propaganda machinery has embarked on a smear campaign of Raila: That he “was never a lecturer at the prestigious University of Nairobi”!

This adds to the extensive smear carried out with the advice of Cambridge Analytica where websites with extremely demeaning information mushroomed everywhere depicting Raila Odinga in the most negative light.

There are websites devoted to manufacturing lies about Raila Odinga. These range from linking him to coup d’etats in Africa to cruelty to animals. His participation in International debates is twisted in to conspiracy theories linking him to devil worship and other nefarious acts. None of this is true or even credible but once out there, it slowly permeates the “good media” ending up being broadcast with devastating effect on the victim.

For example some of that smear would later find its way into the cream of the world’s media. In remarks that deeply shamed the New York Times,  the renowned paper wrote:

That has not happened. Raila Odinga, a perennial loser, began crying foul long before the election commission declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta was re-elected with 54 percent of the vote to Mr. Odinga’s 45. Mr. Odinga’s unsubstantiated claims have already touched off rioting in parts of the country, and the violence could spread.

It would later recant the offending words when The Supreme Court confirmed the rigging claims and became the first court in Sub Saharan Africa to nullify presidential elections and call for a new election.



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