We can confirm that Jubilee party is in talks with NASA over the formation of a National Unity Government.

However these talks are indirect with each party represented by proxy. We can confirm that Church leaders represent Jubilee while a mixture of Human Rights Organizations and religious groups represent NASA.

Predictably both sides have assumed extremely hard and extreme positions.

Our source indicates that the faction led by Deputy President William Ruto is hell bent against the talks and would prefer Jubilee to rig the elections again and deny Raila any chance of winning the Presidency. Ruto is willing to unleash violence against supporters of Raila Odinga in order to keep power. His hardline position is driven by a promise by Uhuru to support him for the presidency come 2022 – a position Ruto expects to get by using the same electoral fraud that has marked Kenya since 2007.

The Uhuru faction of Jubilee is interested in power sharing for various reasons. They do not wish to take the risk of fighting it out in an election in which they may well lose. The effects of losing would be devastating. They point at the total loss suffered at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) moments after the Supreme Court annulled the purported victory of Uhuru Kenyatta and sent the country back to elections, as an indicator of the real panic and confusion that would mark such a defeat.

To them, a Government of national Unity (GONU) would be a soft landing allowing them to either make new alliances and protection deals or evacuate their capital without duress.

Others in the same group see such a deal as providing the time to get back their breath, re-organize and re-strategize so that they can keep power permanently in the GEMA (Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Area). This in effect and usually means power remaining with the Kenyatta Family. This group is simply being pragmatic and has no interest in either holding credible elections or reforming the Independent Boundaries and Elections Commission (IEBC) to deliver free and fair elections! They see an opportunity to prolong the Kikuyu Tribal Hegemony and they would like to seize it. Towards this end they are ready and willing to throw William Ruto under the bus.

We have as of now not received any details of a possible settlement. However it is obvious that Jubilee would insist on a similar deal as in the Kibaki-Raila arrangement where Uhuru would be President while Raila would become Prime minister.

While this may appeal to the Uhuru constituency, it is unlikely to be received well in the NASA areas. They would not wish to see a repeat of the 2008 National Accord and Reconciliation Agreement (NARA) which they consider an unfair deal that gave Kibaki too much power at the expense of their side of the coalition. They point at Kibaki retaining the key ministries of Finance, Defense, Internal Security along with the Police as unfair. Worst of all, Kibaki remained President for the entire duration of the coalition using his powers to tilt the field in favor of the current incumbent despite prior agreements and understandings that he would support Raila. To this group, GONU would be a no sell, leave alone a hard sell.

But like the Uhuru side, there are the doves on the Raila side. They see the possibility of Uhuru unleashing a fresh wave of killings around the country should he win or lose the repeat elections. They are convinced that GEMA people are so conditioned to fear a Raila presidency that the chances of their ranks in the military, police and other forces breaking with law and order and unleashing a murderous wave in the wake of a Raila victory must be taken seriously.

They compare the tribal indoctrination of the Kikuyu to a similar mass brainwashing carried out by the Late President Habyarimana on his Majority Hutus which led to the mass systematic killing of Tutsis when he (Habyarimana) was killed in an plane crash.

A source told the writer: “The chances of a guy like General Karangi embarking on a coup against Raila cannot be dismissed. He is so personally invested in GEMA rule of Kenya, he cannot countenance life under a non Kikuyu president”.

There are many like Karangi.

So these talks may be what will save Kenya.We shall keep you upto date as we get tidbits of information from the secret talks.


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