Akombe returned to Kenya.

Our advise was that having escaped with dear life intact, she should have stayed in The US resumed her job at the UN and forgot all about the Kenyan elections. Most Kenyans thought she would stay away!

To their surprise, Roselyn Akombe surfaced in Kenya still working for the IEBC. She was first seen in court where she had gone to follow the suit against her employer – the IEBC.

When the chairman of the IEBC Wafula Chebukati wrote a memo to the CEO Ezra Chiloba which was widely leaked on social media, Akombe was rumoured to support the letter. It soon became clear that at least yhe was not part of the anti reform group in the commission when a counter statement was published by five commissioners. Two eventually disowned it.

So shocking was the Chebukati letter that the intelligence bodies and state house information service scrambled to mute it. However every effort they made to scuttle the story seemed to backfire and give the contrary narrative more credibility. In all that the voice of Roselyn Akombe who had been the face of the IEBC and the Chairman was missing. She stopped talking for the IEBC as soon as the elections were bungled.

A day later, news emerged that her security detail had been withdrawn and that she was now exposed to vigilante groups that were blaming her for the bungled election.

By evening of the same day (Friday) she faced a massive social media smear campaign. The words used appeared to be from the same source which seemed to express support for Chiloba while smearing Akombe.

Here are some samples of the tweets

Some of the tweets by seeming different and unrelated people are similar word for word, to the exact fullstop:

Then we have the same libelous rumor and gossip wo0rd for word again:






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