The information received in the last hour indicates that Dr. David Ndii has been arrested by the Uhuru Kenyatta government. Social media has been awash with stories of his arrest. No government official has yet commented on the alleged arrest.

Dr. Ndii who has been championing the right of Kenyan regions to separate and exist on their own through peaceful means, appeared on the pro-government Nation TV for an interview in which he openly expressed himself on the signature campaign he has launched in support of the “right to self determination of more than half of Kenya’s counties / tribes on the grounds of marginalization by the two leading tribes. The campaign seeks to obtain 15 million signatures.

Social media was yesterday full of support for Dr. Ndii’s views as well hate by Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters directed the scholar. Many of Uhuru’s supporters called for Dr. Ndii’s arrest.


We shall keep you updated.

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