By the end of this week we shall have known that Dr. Roselyn Akombe – Commissioner of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission – has resigned and resumed her permanent job at the United nations Headquarters in New York.

We may also confirm that the so called “messages” from Dr. Akombe released by the IEBC are fake and have not originated from the Commissioner. She never sent a message from London and certainly never sent one from New York or America for that matter. The IEBC and their Jubilee government co-conspirators manufactured those messages and sold it to the whole world.

Perhaps the only credible confirmation that Dr. Akombe is in the US came from the UN. The truth is however that Akombe has not spoken a word to any media outlet since she left for America.

Dr. Roselyn Akombe became the face of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in the runup to the discredited 2017 elections. With many questions being asked of the conduct of the elections, Akombe took on the role of the publicist in chief. Her easy manner and and mien endeared her to journalists and seemed to disarm the National Super Alliance (NASA) which had hitherto never believed a word the IEBC spoke.

How it it get to the point where an election commissioner leaves her post to a foreign country using the flimsiest of excuses at a time when the election result has caused a national crisis?

It all started when the head of Information Technology was found dead and dumped in a forest. Hos body showed clear marks of torture as if someone wanted to extract some information from him. It is hard enough for most people to see a dead person especially one they knew and interacted with. However seeing the person with grisly marks of torture was more than shocking for Akombe. Akombe reportedly broke down in wailing and tears poured from her eyes like a tropical rainfall. She was inconsolable causing her team – that had gone to view the body – to prolong its stay inside as she gathered herself.

At the press conference held outside the morgue, Akombe continued to cry. Tears streamed down her face. For the first time, she was not to be seen taking the front seat and enjoying speaking to cameras and microphones. She in fact stood at the back on the side and tried to avoid media attention.

She would take a low profile for a few days before returning back to the limelight. Observers noticed that Akombe would smile and laugh nervously. Nervous laughter is defined as :

Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety.

It became nearly universally known that Dr. Roselyn Akombe was not comfortable in her job. Observers also noted her demure during meetings and noticed moments of deep engrossment in thought. It could have been quick and highly transient but nevertheless noticeable and raising public concern.

It is around the same time that the state upped its surveillance of IEBC personnel.In the name of providing security, elite forces known for conducting extra judicial killings took up positions at the residences of key IEBC personnel.

Reports we have obtained show that these body guards made their presence overbearing and highly intrusive. One person who got this type of “security” told us that he could not tell between having robbers invading his home and ransacking it and the security provided by the Kenya government. They would sleep inside the house and go ahead in to the toilet to check it before use and enter it to check after use! Strange sounds started being heard during calls. Children and dependents had their bags checked on departure and return from school. They were also given the same “security”. One member decided to just ground the entire family to avoid multiple problems.

It was with this situation that on the night of the 8th of August 2017, Uhuru Kenyatta carried out the biggest electoral fraud in the history of Elections. Predictably, a few days later, he was declared the winner and violence broke out. Targeted killings took place in Kisumu and other parts of Nyanza. Police invaded homes and murdered occupants of the homes with impunity. The world sat and cheered with Former US secretary of State John Kerry giving support to the elections even as the killings took place – much to the universal condemnation of Kenyans on Twitter.

The condemnations also included one name: Dr. Roselyn Akombe. She was roundly condemned and mocked for her assurances of free, fair and credible elections. Having been the face of the IEBC before elections, she had to also become the face of the discredited IEBC. Her nervousness seemed to increase.

After a few press conferences in which she took a decreasing role, Akombe just vanished from the scene. Her last public act was to play master of ceremonies as the IEBC read out the “results” handed to it by Uhuru Kenyatta for the purpose of declaring him “winner”. After that Akombe vanished from the TV screens.

She emerged on Twitter in rather unfamiliar circumstances.

News surfaced that Akombe was at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport detained there by security forces whom she had earlier given a slip to dash to the airport for a flight back to the US.

It took a few days for Kenyans to get the full story of what transpired at JKIA.

At first Kenyans were told through a tweet from the IEBC:

Few people if any believed this statement. However when Kenyan blogger published a photo of Akombe sitting on the extremely cold floor of JKIA, Kenyans used to lying authorities knew all was not well.

A visibly Angry but defiant Akombe was sitting on the floor of JKIA having been offloaded from a US bound flight by the paramilitary General Service Unit allegedly for trying to travel outside the country without “authorization by the head of the Civil Service.

This would appear to be a clear violation of the constitution of Kenya which grants Independent Commissions freedom from control, direction and hence manipulation by other authorities:

Section 249.(2) frees independent office holders from control and direction by among others the Head of the Civil Service

This story to be updated

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