Social media is awash with reactions to the blow Economist David Ndii inflicted on Citizen TV anchor – Anne Kiguta.

I am reading plenty of what amounts to hate against Dr. Ndii. It is shameful coming from such a site as

Here is my take:

1. Anne Kiguta (Jomo Gecaga’s wife) came to the studio unprepared and with cheating notes prepared by Jubilee (who she was very protective about and wouldn’t stomach them being named)
2. Unfortunately for her, she was handed a working document (obviously stolen by the NIS or whoever Gecaga got it from) which she tried to quote and was immediately set right – that was NOT the NASA manifesto. From then on, her cheating notes became a huge liability
3. She was clearly unprepared to ask any questions from her own knowledge of the manifesto and placed Ndii in that position any teacher loathes – when you have to correct the question being directed at you since it reveals and contains a lot of ignorance.
4. It became a regular lecture with Ndii educating her. She displayed ignorance of the constitution – something she should have mastered.

I believe towards the end she intended to incite opprobrium against Ndii by accusing him of sending an inflammatory tweet. Again that was quickly nipped in the bud when she was reminded that the “offending words” were published several months ago and that Ndii was simply quoting himself. Now any smart journalist would not have been caught with her nickers down on the background of the tweet if she had done her research

She became angry – which became a gift to Ndii who now enjoyed the freedom of the Citizen studio.

I later had the opportunity to watch Dr. Ndii interviewed by Yvonne Okwara of KTN

Here is what I wrote:

My take is that both Okwara and Kiguta found themselves in the deep end – going by the questions and comments (alone!!!) they give on the interview.

However while Okwara was able to move on and veer over her ignorance, Kiguta got mad – visibly so and even tried to remind David who was boss. Why the difference?

Kiguta had an agenda. She came armed with fake documents and cheating notes prepared for a tendentious interview. Ndii informed her as early as possible that she was using the wrong document. But as you can see she continues to quote from the same document ignoring the correction. It was a most egregious act on her part.

Okwaro starts by showing she had made some preparations. She asks Ndii to introduce the multiple documents – thus avoiding the shame of citing the wrong document.

I still do not understand why Anne continued using the cheating notes to ask questions.

On the answers she was given, I thought after being reminded three times that the NASA manifesto was based on the implementation of the constitution she would learn and adapt. Instead she goes ahead to ask the NIS question on EJK – whether NASA will disband the killer unit or whether they will be allowed to continue killing Kenyans. How else did she expect to be answered?

Ndii again told her the constitution was very clear on the matter. She interjected – which part and was informed the Bill of Rights! Still the woman had locked her brain for knowledge. She demanded to know what NASA would do!

My take is that Kiguta’s arrogance and her extreme loyalty to Jubilee influenced her actions to the extent of damaging her. I think she should declare her interests and recuse herself from these interviews.

I wondered if Ndii’s constant reference to “conflict of interests” hit her several times because social media has been urging her to recuse herself from these interviews based on her being the wife of Jomo Gecaga – Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew and Personal Assistant.

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