It is now absolutely clear: Uhuru Kenyatta has sensed defeat in the coming August 2017 Elections. So scared is he of losing that he has taken to hurling insults at those he holds responsible for his loss. There are stories on the streets that he has issued and rescinded the order to eliminate one governor for “being rude to the Presidency”.

He started his public insults in Turkana. There he labeled the Turkana County Governor “Shetani” (Demon). He also uttered other unprintables during the same rally where he had gone for a show of power and a display of presidential largesse. Raila Odinga had held a very successful rally in Turkana which had reminded Uhuru Kenyatta that he had not scored many votes over there. This had hurt his ego very much because he had taken it for granted that he would be voted for since he was by his own statement “conceived in Turkana”. It is something of a birth-right, he assumes, to get Turkana votes. He equally thinks it is a huge snub to not only be denied Turkana votes but to see them handed to the opposition leader he has learned to despise – Raila Odinga.

During the rally, Uhuru Kenyatta also embarked on a week long lying spree during which he would peddle lie after another and demand to be believed.

In Turkana, he claimed that he had no role in the decision to reduce the share of the community from ten percent of the Petroleum mined in Turkana (Turkana oil) to a mere 5 percent. In fact he called the Governor a demon for accusing of of that.

The Kenyan media which has combined willful laziness, corruption and a pro-Uhuru bias refused or failed to fact check Uhuru Kenyatta – thus giving him a bank cheque to lie.

However independent bloggers wasted no time in fact checking and revealing that Turkana Governor  Nanok was not only right but Uhuru Kenyatta was lying.

When the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Bill was presented to Uhuru Kenyatta for signing, he did not do what he claimed in Turkana to be his only role – sign it. Instead Uhuru Kenyatta went about bastardizing the bill. He refused to sign the bill and returned it to Parliament with a memorandum (see copy below). In a memorandum he reduced the community share from 10% to 5%. Here is the excerpt:


Uhuru Kenyatta then placed caps on the actual amount – just in event even that 5% exceeded what he thinks Turkana tribesmen should get for their oil.  He stated:

“This amount should not exceed a quarter of the amount allocated to county government by parliament”

What that means is simple: The amount due to Turkana can not increase even if the oil production increases. It also means whatever is given to Turkana will never exceed 25% of what Turkana is allocated by the Central government.

This is not what Parliament had intended. It was the wishes of one man – Uhuru Kenyatta. He wrote it down in black and white and sent it to the Speakers of Parliament. it was in every newspaper published in East Africa and even made it to the international media. Most Indigenous People Organizations commented on it. Here are some examples:

The East African : wrote :

A battle over how oil revenue will be shared between Turkana County in northern Kenya and the national government is shaping up, after President Uhuru Kenyatta declined to assent to a Bill that spells out a resource-sharing formula.

The prospect of petrodollars had generated high expectations in the arid Turkana area with a push to maximise the benefits from the discovery of 750 million barrels of oil in the South Lokichar basin

In a memorandum explaining the refusal to assent to the Petroleum Exploration and Development and Production Bill 2016, President Kenyatta pushed for reduced shares of oil revenues to the county government and the community.

The president, in a memorandum to the National Assembly and Senate, said the revenue due to the local communities should be reduced from the 10 per cent of what the national government gets as set by parliament, to 5 per cent.

“This amount should not exceed a quarter of the amount allocated to county government by parliament,” said the memo.

County Allocations 2016 .17

In many countries the president is a symbol of national values. His word is to be relied upon. He is by and large a person of high integrity and a notch or two above ordinary politicians. In times of crises, people look up to the president for assurance. Sometimes his mere presence is all that is needed to calm a nation.

Winston Churchill though not a President became the voice of courage. His voice on radio during the second world war assured the British people and calmed those in despair.

By lying to his citizens Uhuru Kenyatta has denied himself the role of being the Comforter in Chief.

Not long after Uhuru Kenyatta had been to Turkana, did he drop more bricks. While visiting Lamu, he verbally abused Raila Odinga and the Opposition. Like Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers, who believes the only problem with his hotel running smoothly are the guests who keep coming around and causing all the trouble, Uhuru Kenyatta believes all the corruption and public thievery coupled with false promises, undelivered pledges and general failures of his government would not be there if the opposition and Raila stopped pointing them out!

So in Lamu he called all the NASA (National Super Alliance) leaders “failures” “Liars” and people who cannot “offer anything”. He also told a few more lies:

  1. He pretended that he was never part of government and that Raila, Mudavadi, Kalonzo had been in government longer and had not achieved as much.
  2. He claimed that Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Raila had been in government a total of over 100 years and despite that had achieved nothing.

As usual, the local media published the claims without subjecting them to fact checking. We shall do it for them:

The Standard wrote:

Uhuru said NASA leaders failed to deliver to Kenyans during their reign in past governments and said the Jubilee government had transformed many parts of the country in just four years.

First of all Uhuru is President of Kenya. None of the people he is pointing at have ever been president. So he is comparing Oranges to peanuts and swimming to Formula 1 racing. Ministers in any government can only perform the roles assigned to them. A minister for health or energy cannot be responsible for roads or railways just so he can “deliver”.

Secondly Uhuru has been a government minister perhaps longer than Raila Odinga. While  between November 2001December 2002 Uhuru Kenyatta joined the cabinet as  the Minister for Local Government in the Moi regime Raila joined in June 2001 but resigned in October 2002. You can say Raila served two months more than Uhuru in the Moi government.

In January 2003 Raila joined the Kibaki government as Minister of Roads, Public Works, and Housing. He would serve until November 2005. Thât amounted to 2 years and 11 months. Raila then rejoined the Opposition benches alongside Uhuru Kenyatta until the 2007 elections. Both would join in the National Accord and Reconciliation Agreement (NARA) between Kibaki and Raila parties. Uhuru became the Deputy Prime Minister while Raila became Prime Minister. Raila served in that government from the 17th of April 2008 until the 9th of April 2013.

Uhuru on the other hand had been appointed earlier by Kibaki as minister for Local government in January 2008. Thus by the time NARA was constituted Uhuru Kenyatta had been a minister for nearly four months. If you recall that Raila had two months more than him, you would understand that by the end of february 2008 Uhuru and Raila had served the same time as cabinet ministers. By April 2008 Uhuru had overtaken Raila as having more experience in Government.

Since both served in the Kibaki NARA government for the same length of time, it can said that Uhuru Kenyatta had two months more government experience than Raila at the end of that government.

Uhuru then became President and has now accumulated more experience in Government than Raila.

(to be continued)










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