Jubilee Party of Kenya set out to triple the meagre 66,000  votes Uhuru Kenyatta got in western province in 2013 to roughly 200,000.

Armed with seemingly bottomless boxes of cash, Jubilee top brass invaded western province. Not a single day passed without some top Jubilee Party apparatchik appeared in Western to extol the developmental qualities of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto (President and Deputy President).

There is a Luo saying that no fly ever found any shit too smelly for its mouth. Like blue flies the political brokers emerged. They saw the Eurobond and wasted no time in claiming to embrace jubilee. They called press conferences to denounce Raila Odinga and protest “the lack of democracy in ODM”. The media which is largely pro-jubilee trumped these stories.

Journalism which requires that they not only report an event but place it in perspective, fact check claims and if possible detect and reveal the motivations of any statements and claims was shunned. Readers and viewers were treated to raw propaganda often prepared and written by jubilee party operatives and just handed to the journalists to transmit to Nairobi for broadcast and circulate.

The party propagandists were not too far behind. They counted these brokers as proof of the “shifting ground” in Western. Populist and opportunistic declaratory statements without backing were taken as gospel truth. The fact that the brokers and defecting politicians were being paid or were motivated by the hope of earning from it was not pursued by the media. In any case most of the reporters were known to pursue politicians to hotels and their homes for handouts nicknamed “bahasha” (envelope full of money)

Keen observers always knew that the whole thing was a game. Those sent to Western to secure votes for Jubilee knew how hard that task was. Kakamega had long developed a slogan : Jubilee Tawe (simply translated means: any party but jubilee). The principled leaders know they would face serious political and personal challenges if they ever tried to defy the people and join jubilee. The people of Kakamega and not known for making empty threats nor tolerating treacherous politicians.

In 2005 Bonny Khalwale decided to support The Wako Draft which the rest of the opposition had chosen to oppose. His 3 million car was burnt in Kakamega town by anti-Wako Draft youth. Since that incident Khalwale and many other Western Politicians learned to heed the views of their people.

Why are the brokers dumping Jubilee now?

The elections are fast approaching. One needs to be in the popular party to have a chance of winning. Kakamega is an opposition zone where all parliamentary seats will most likely go to the different opposition factions. It is time to cut the eating of jubilee money and rejoin the opposition.

Most of the brokers had made it clear when questioned that they were in jubilee to raise campaign funds.

So now that the brokers are fast decamping from Jubilee back to the Opposition, would the propagandists review their positions? Nah! Do not expect it. Th I can safely predict that Washiali will dump Jubilee shortly. He has no intention of being out of parliament and once he has earned enough eurobond will follow his own people.

Apparently Ben Washiali was never consulted by his comrades when they decided to decamp. When asked by The Standard for a comment he said: “I treat as rumor because they have not declared it publicly. Jubilee is ready to defeat ODM in this county,”

Apparently Governor Oparanya is on a charm offensive to return these lost sheep back to the fold.

Jubilee can argue that while it lost some operatives in Kakamega, it was rewarded with the declaration by Labour Party of Kenya that it will support Jubilee in the coming elections. This is the same party where Former ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba decamped to. Namwamba is as of now forbidden to from representing or transacting any business on behalf of LPK. So his announcement must be a blatant defiance of the High Court.

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