I am in shock. I just saw a photo of Uhuru Kenyatta at a disaster zone. To me it is nothing short of beholding a unicorn or dragon – both believed to be extinct.

The people of Mpeketoni must be shocked too. Despite tens of his subjects being massacred over there in what is known as the Mpeketoni Massacre, Uhuru Kenyatta never stepped there to commiserate with the survivors and condole the bereaved. He left it to others while he sat in Nairobi with the likes of Sonko and other drinking buddies.


He was nowhere nearUhuruĀ Garissa when gunmen took their sweet time to slaughter students. He missed the Mandera Quarry Massacre as he did the Mandera Bus Massacre. He only made it to the scene of the Westgate Massacre after western media houses started raising questions. Even then he had to fetch Raila, Mudavadi and Peter Kenneth to lead the way.

Looking at this photograph, I get a clearer idea of some of the reasons he never turned up.He has never impressed me as the guy who pores over crucial state documents outlining his government’s policies. I doubt he keeps any of his mandarins awake all night for that reason.

His is not a face of a well rested man. It is in my opinion, the face of a participant of extreme bingeing, debauchery, hedonism and abandonment.

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