The media has been full of stories planted by Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House operatives about the success and implications [to CORD] of the Kamba Professionals delegation to State House. Pictures of sections of the meeting were widely circulated and well know zombie bloggers hired by the Uhuru administration joined in cheering the meeting and announcing the early death of the Opposition. It all seemed well arranged and oiled … until now.

Uncensored videos of the meeting revealed some rather unsavory things the State House mandarins had not expected. A videa from the Uhuru friendly Daily Nation revealed that most of the so called Kamba delegates were members of the defunct Provincial administration which the constitution clearly intended to do away with. These men and women in their trademark colonial khaki uniforms and the British WWI Wolseley Pattern Khaki Pith Helmets can be seen in multiple concentrations in the large hall where Uhuru received them.


It also emerged that each one of the “Kamba Professionals” was promised not less than shillings 20,000 for the attendance. The final sum handed out was no more than Shillings 300 leading to a lot of anger directed at Uhuru Kenyatta.

Just like he did at the coast, his and the actions of his own people end up delivering the exact opposite of his intentions and plans. Had the millions dished out to his retinue to bribe coastal peoples actually been given out, perhaps Uhuru would have had one additional MP to show for his troubles. Instead MPs as far as North Eastern descended on Malindi as did prostitutes from as far as Uganda and wild spending and debauchery took over. Hotel owners made a kill charging as much as 100,000 shillings and day for luxury rooms and “presidential suits”. Needless to say Uhuru’s candidate lost.

Back to the “Kamba” delegates: Still more controversy dogged the event.

It has emerged that to get as many people as possible joining, it was decided to keep the meeting off politics and to focus on development. As a result for the “leader” or Master of Ceremonies, a non controversial person was appointed. However he was not allowed to carry out his work. Not as long as Dr. Alfred Mutua has his way.

Mutua, who was on a foreign trip as the delegation was being prepared, cut short his trip and headed home. He used his state House contacts to take over. When the delegation emerged, it found that Mutua had already taken over the role of “leader” of the delegation and was also the Master of Ceremonies. The subdued boos and murmurings were not sufficient to stop him from going on about his “Maendeleo Chap Chap” slogans. A delegation of Kamba Professionals turned in to a Mutua Propaganda aimed at increasing his handout from Uhuru.



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