I can authoritatively say that Uhuru Kenyatta was two days ago awarded a fake prize. Those behind it said that President Paul Kagame was last year’s winner. They attached a report of the same from a website by the name News Ghana.

Here is part of the story:

Within the framework of the 3rd Edition of the Africa Students and Youth Summit held from 28th to 31st August, 2013 in Accra Ghana under the theme: African Renaissance- Looking Back to Move Forward; the maiden Edition of Africa Education and Leadership Award was organized on 31st August 2013 at Coconut Groove Regency Hotel in Accra.

The Award Ceremony honoured excellence in education and leadership on the continent. At the ceremony attended by over two hundred people from many African countries, was graced by the following dignitaries;

The Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports of Ghana, Mr. Afriyie Ankrah ( chairman); the Hon. Minister of Education of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. Vicent Bitura who represented H.E. Mr. Paul Kagame- the President of the Republic of Rwanda; the Dean of African Diplomatic Corps, H.E. Pavelyn Tendai. Musaka (Mrs.) the High Commissioner of Zimbabwe to Ghana, ; the Director of Africa and Regional Integration Bureau, representing the Hon. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana; the Country Director of UNESCO, Mr. Tirsso Dos Santos; the Director of Africa Quality Assurance Network of Association of African Universities (AAU), Prof. Mba Chuks representing the Secretary General of AAU; Representatives of His Excellency the Ambassador the Federal Republic of Germany and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies (UPS)-Ghana.

However such an award would have been covered by at least one Ghanaian newspaper. So I decided to check. There is nothing. I googled Kagame Wins AASU Prize. What came back were reports mostly from the Kenyan media and blogs announcing the Uhuru Kenyatta Prize.


Uhuru Fake Prize

It is amazing that Paul Kagame won last year’s prize and not a single newspaper – even Rwandan – wrote about it! The Kenyan Newspapers never covered it either! The ceremony was held in Ghana but not a single Ghanaian newspaper covered it. It was not tweeted nor did anybody post anything about it on Facebook or one of the many social media outlets! It just did not happen!

Oh, yes, Kagame did not attend. He was represented by his minister for Education. Wait a moment! Kagame won in August 2013. The next winner should naturally be named in August 2014. So he could not possibly be “Last Year’s winner”, could he?

The so called AASU “representatives” were all over the place speaking of “last year’s winner”.

I decided to do a more thorough search of any articles on the AASU awards to HE Paul Kagame. There is the google result:

Uhuru Fake Award

I believe Uhuru Kenyatta has either been conned or has willingly participated in a silly PR stunt that will spectacularly backfire on him.

Then there is the presence of the Kenyan-Indian businessman who made a very curious statement to the effect that Private enterprise is cooperating with students in Kenya and Africa. Could he be behind the stunt to win favour with Uhuru Kenyatta?

What does their “cooperation” entail?

However the most telling element of the whole saga is the lack of information. The AASU website is practically dead. It is a template which somebody set up, and lacked the information to add to it. The Internet is full of such trash. A body that grants prizes to presidents and can afford to stage high level award ceremonies as the one they describe in Ghana where ministers and UN officials attended, should be in a position to keep a working website.

Note that any “news” about the Kagame Prize traces back to the AASU “website”.

As I anticipated that it will disappear of change, I took steps to preserve it. Here is the only page you can get:

AASU website

The man appearing in the photo alongside a photoshopped white man is named as Awaah Fred – Secretary General AASU. I took the liberty of googling him. All I found were references to AASU. It is like he never existed before the AASU website was created.

I now decided to concentrate on the alleged officials of the AASU. For if they are that active, then some medium could have picked up on their activities. I googled the Chairman – Fred Awaah

Of course a lot came. Two things stood out:

First, Fred Awaah could not possibly be a student. He is simply too old for that. If he is then he is a graduate student and as most people know, student politics are often left for undergraduates and graduate students are in transition to academic staff. That does not appear to stop him from cultivating the image of a “student”. Carefully edited youtube’s were found where he is sitting in plenary halls. In one, the impression is created that he is in fact the one giving a keynote speech and that continues until the video – which he appears to be the photographer – shows him sitting in the hall. To the naive, the inclusion of white people sitting next to him may be an innocent coincidence. I however think it is deliberate and plays on the inferiority complexes of our people.

Two Fred Awaah is in “Charity”. Here is how he describes himself in his role as the In-Country Coordinator for The Mercy Project. The website has tried to mimic the colors of the American NGO – Mercy Corps.

So Fred Awaah is a student leader who has already completed his education and is working! See for yourself:



Now we go to the coup de grace:

I checked the websites associated with the All Africa Students Union:

Here is the result:

Kindly pay attention to the “Registrant Email: cdanternii@yahoo.com . Feel free to google it.



It is listed among the Nigerian Scam emails. It has been used to register over a dozen scam websites



Now have a look at the staged videos by Fred Awaah


If you are observant you would note that it is the same “journalist” interviewing Fred Awaah in every video.

Here he has registered Samsungghh. This is meant to mislead Samsung customers. Eventually he hopes that Samsung would approach him to buy the domain name. If Samsung fails, some other “interested” body – most likely scammers will buy the site, and create a phishing site.

That is the man who has awarded the President of Kenya the Best President in Africa Prize!

the email cdanternii@yahoo.com has been used to register the following sites:


2. HSBC Bank

3. Bank of Ghana










The same Source of “News” about the Prizes.
Like I said, there is no independent media that covered the news of Kagame’s prize. A Rwandese English paper (in a predominantly French speaking Country) whose background and credibility is unknown carried the story. However reading it reveals that it is almost word for word the “news” story penned by Fred Awaah here: Fourth African Students/Youth Summit And The 2014 Africa Education And Leadership Awards Successfully Ends In Accra, Ghana

It has been suggested that Uhuru own the prize in 2014 and only publicized it this year.

Let us see, Kagame won in 2o13 to 2014 when Uhuru took over. So Kagame held it for a year. If Uhuru got it in 2014, then he should be vacating it to another person. That is completely ignored by his supporters.

Questions have been raised about why the 2014 Uhuru win never got any publicity or traction in the media. To answer that his supporters point at an article published in The Nigeria Voice online newspaper. Here is an image of the story before we closely examine it:Uhuru win article




















Here is the website for those who may want to cross check it: The Nigerian Voice 

First all note that the news story is by All Africa Students Union (AASU). It no different from all the others that have appeared in online newspapers with limited or zero credibility.

Secondly the story by guess who? Awaah Fred.

I took the liberty to look closely at the “newspaper” : The Nigerian Voice. The domain register was updated the same week the alleged conference was held. From the look of it, it was re-registered and this time with key-systems.net masking the ownership.

The Nigerian Voice

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