Dickens Wakhu_Killed _by_Al ShabaabI would like to take this opportunity to offer my most heartfelt condolences to the family of Officer Dickens Wakhu who died along with two dozen other servicemen in the semi deserts of Garissa. Officer Dickens Wakhu served with the Kenya Police Service as an Administration Policeman.

We have no information of anything untoward in his conduct and indeed, we may never have heard of him before on account of his good behaviour. As can be seen from his photo – probably sent to his relatives, neighbors at home and former classmates – he was proud of serving in the Police Force. Officer Dickens Wakhu must have been very proud of his uniform, wearing it in his boasting photo with the patrol car in the background.

Little did he know that that car would be his death. He met his death in the yet to be explained events in Yumbis near Dadaab.

It is probably this vehicle that hit a landmine leading to the surviving officers being executed by Al Shabaab killers; It could also have been among those vehicles sent to rescue the servicemen who had fallen victim to an Al Shabaab roadside bomb. We would never know the truth because among the men who could have spoken the truth is Officer Dickens Wakhu.

Whatever the case, I see no hesitation in the sharp eyes of this proud officer. If he was among those sent to rescue the first car, Officer Dickens must have left with speed and alacrity for no other reason than to serve his country. He had no qualms about getting in to a vehicle not protected from simple projectiles fired from a mere handgun. He never once thought of demanding that the Army give up one or two Armoured Personnel Carriers for the police to patrol the dangerous paths in the semi desert. He was an obedient young man who gave up his dear life for the country. He gave the ultimate gift for his beloved country and countrymen that we may live longer.

Dickens Wakhu3 Dickens Wakhu4 Dickens Wakhu5 Dickens Wakhu6 Dickens Wakhu7After his untimely death, it has emerged that Officer Dickens Wakhu was a graduate of Masinde Muliro University where he successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy. It is rare that we have so highly educated young men taking up police duties in Kenya. It goes to show that in a country where young people prefer white collar and high end jobs, he chose humility.

Officer Dickens Wakhu remained a staunch Manchester United fan.


Alas, he will be buried in secret by his countrymen.

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