He acted out his role as a particularly cantankerous Head Teacher talking down to a first grade student. They took their medicine, asked no questions and off he went.

He dared them to repeat what they have been saying to his face. He then accused them of peddling lies before telling them “The Truth”. They did not ask him for any evidence. His Contradicting Tweetsstatements are the “truth” because he says so and the hapless journalists seem to agree. They wasted no time in printing Nkaissery’s “truth”. By that the Kenyan journalists admitted that they had been peddling lies and had in fact published stories without verification. Is that the case?

The initial news reports of the deaths and killings of the policemen were first published by reputable news organizations that guarantee quality by verifying their sources.  In this case, specific people – one who a senior government official working under Nkaissery – were quoted. The said official holds a senior position with access to the kind of security information he shared. In addition to him, there was an eye witness testimony from the local Member of the County Assembly who said he had counted 20 bodies at the scene of the clash.

attack+pxOne can easily tell when government officials are lying. The first indicator is the contradictions in their stories. Here you have an officer on the ground giving an account that differs from the one provided by media savvy seniors located thousands of kilometers away from the location of the incident. There is no way the officers in Nairobi can know more about the incident than those who are on the ground.

The second indicator is the failure to explain the obvious. Ordinarily, if a junior officer had issued such a statement, he would be subject to a public humiliation such as a sacking. The officers who were first cited by the media have been quietly acquitted of the offense of “issuing inflammatory statements” and spared the usual sack.

attacksThirdly, government officials are lying when they direct their fire at the wrong target. The media is a mere messenger that carried reports issued by one section of the government. Even among the Maasai, a messenger had a special protected status – even if he brought a war ultimatum. Why then is the messenger being targeted?

My opinion is that Nkaissery is protecting his job. He came to the cabinet promising to end all attacks. This he clearly intended to do without making any major changes to the existing structures. He knows he cannot disturb the eating hyenas that continue to squander resources meant for policemen. The ministry is headed by him but controlled by Uhuru Kenyatta’s tribesmen who dominate every section of it. Nkaissery cannot remove them and I doubt that he can issue uncomfortable orders.

post script:

The family of one of the 20 policemen killed in Garissa just posted his photo. It is sad that a young man can given his dear life for a country and end up being secretly buried as if he is the criminal! The family has refused to bury him silently:

Dickens Wakhu_Killed _by_Al Shabaab


Omollosview joins other Kenyans in condoling the family of Mr. Dickens Wakhu and commending him posthumously for gallantry. He died in service of the country – a true patriot.

We condemn those who denigrate and minimize the sacrifice of our soldiers as we fight terrorists that are financed by senior officers of the Kenya Defence Forces.

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