Soita Shitanda, who was appointed to chair the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) has made his “maiden” statement. Guess what? The statement is not how he will help guide the moribund corporation to revive the fortunes of farmers and increase productivity. In what is a clear indicator of exactly why he was appointed, Soita Shitanda has mounted the podium to advise Ford Kenya Party Leader to leave CORD “before he is kicked out“. The former Kibaki Minister for Housing claims that Wetangula “is being misled by Senator Khalwale“.

As  I wrote yesterday,  Uhuru Kenyatta’s latest public appointments are his second gear as he starts his campaign for re-election in 2017. Contrary to propaganda claims by his spin machine that it was part of “a comprehensive reform of parastatals”, these appointments are a bribe to certain individuals the Uhuru Campaign believes can deliver to it the Presidency. Indeed the much taunted reduction of the number of QUANGOs by Abdi Kadir Hussein Mohammed appears to have been quietly flushed down the State House toilet.

The appointees are carefully selected for their ability – not to manage state companies and QUANGOs – but to campaign for Uhuru Kenyatta. Each one is selected to counter-balance or overcome the opposition. Soita Shitanda has most likely been appointed to target Senator Moses Wetangula. It is the closest one gets to the abuse of office and public funds for personal gain.

The people of Kenya will lose twice or more. Firstly the selected individuals are unqualified to run any business and many of them have never managed anything to profitability. A majority are broke and either bankrupt or at the brink of it. Those who have previously run public entities did so in capacities not relevant to managing parastatals. It goes without saying no successful person in his career or business would want to waste his time running a state company. This rubble will simply not deliver and may even be responsible for the destruction of the state companies resulting in losses to the only shareholder – The People of Kenya.

Secondly, these men and women  were selected on account of their ability to be the best stooges and zombies public money can buy. They have the ability to say just about anything and still maintain a shameless face. They also have this uncanny propensity to betray the interests of their own people as if they possess no conscience. For example Soita Shitanda can receive his instructions from Jubilee aparatchiks in Nairobi and proceed to attack Moses Wetangula. It would look like an ordinary tribal tiff and be ignored. On the other hand, were the same to come out of the mouth of Moses Kuria, it would rub many Luhya leaders the wrong way and backfire. Thus Uhuru Kenyatta has bought himself a used stooge and it just proved that it is still ticking.

There is however a problem. All the appointees are state employees. They are by law not allowed to engage in politics. They cannot use their positions to promote political parties or political dogma.

Uhuru Kenyatta would not care much about that. To him the Law is an inconvenience he would rather not encounter. Though his position only exists by virtue of the constitution, Uhuru Kenyatta has never failed to grab any opportunity to undermine the constitution. So as long as he is the one to stop his appointees from abusing the law, God only can protect Kenya.


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