How can one tell when a politician is a cheat? Simple: Give it time, soon or later the truth comes out.

The High Court in Mombasa has just ruled that Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi also known as “Sonko” must undergo a paternity (DNA) test to help the court determine if he is the father of a young lad in the city.

This is not the first time Sonko – so named for splashing around his mysteriously earned immense wealth – has been accused of fathering children out of wedlock.

In August last year, a court in Kwale at the Coast ordered Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko to┬áto continue paying school fees for two children, who a Kwale woman claims were fathered by the mercurial politician. The order was given after the children’s mother claimed that Sonko was starving the kids by not buying them food.

The senator known for his philanthropic work in Nairobi denied the accusation claiming the children’s mother fails to pick the food from a shopping mall in Mombasa, a distance of 50 kilometers.

Sonko insisted that he was buying the food specifically for the children and not the mother!



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