I shall be posting self explanatory images here which should help jog the memory of those who take the achievements and gains of democracy for granted. Now that Uhuru Kenyatta has chosen to make nonsense of our freedoms, it is even more urgent to recall the sacrifices made by Kenyans.

For the record, when these sacrifices were being made Uhuru Kenyatta was living in luxury in State House and Gatundu. The opulence he enjoyed was of course paid for by the tax payers and these whose freedom his father had limited or taken away. Under Moi, Uhuru Kenyatta was a spoilt alcoholic and drug user with no idea what other Kenyans were fighting for. It is therefore no wonder he is unaware of the damage he has caused by his action – one day short of 51 years of independence!

Ngugi wa Thiongo Detention George Anyona Detention Muturi Kabata detention Detention Orders Wycliffe Rading Omolo Detention Japhetha Mbaja Oyangi Detention Willy Mutunga Detention Mohammed Hadow detention Ahmed Shure Abdi Detention Sugow Adan Detention Moffat Muthee Munyaira Detention Adam Mathenge Wangombe detention Kenneth Matiba Detention Charles Rubia Detention Mukaru Nganga Detention2 Gacheche Miano Detention Edward Akongo Oyugi Detention Kamoji Kangaru Wachira AlAmin Mazrui Detention Mukaru Nganga Detention

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