I have been bombarded with questions about what issues OKOA Kenya movement has earmarked for the referendum it is seeking. Several people have gone to court to seek orders to stop the signature collection on the grounds that “people are being asked to sign up for a referendum without the actual question being presented to them” In other words the signature collection is “fraudulent”

The Member of Parliament for Kieni – a diehard member of the so called “The Party of National Alliance” (TNA) has gone to court. His suit has been certified “urgent” by Justice Lenaola and is due for fast tracked hearing.

Bulletin boards where Kenyans debate are filled with tendentious and sarcastic comments by TNA supporters deriding the “collection of signatures without questions”. They cite vague provisions of the constitution to justify their sarcasm.

The issue will be addressed today.

First of all I shall produce a copy of the form that Kenyans are appending their signatures to. Kindly read the text before the signature. It is not very clear so I shall help those who cannot read it. Efforts are underway to obtain a hard copy for our use.



 Referendum Petition

We the undersigned registered voters in the Republic of Kenya and in exercise of our sovereign power do hereby consent to the proposal to amend the constitution of the republic of Kenya by popular initiative as envisaged under articles 255 and 257 of the constitution to address inter alia the below listed issues:

1. Increase revenue and function allocation to County Governments and strengthen devolution;
2. Strengthen the role of the National Land Commission and define the role of and benefits for communities in natural resources
3.Election reforms to strengthen the electoral system and ensure free, fair, transparent, efficient, accurate and accountable elections;
4. To make provisions for enforcement of ethnic inclusivity, equity and diversity in public appointments and increased representation of women, youth and people living with disability,
5. Strengthening of public institutions and constitutional commissions
6. Any other amendments ancillary to the above amendments
7. The above issues and contents of the draft bill have been explained to me. I also consent to my subscription to this initiative being published

There is then space for the name, Identification and so on before the signature.

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