A visit to what used to be nipate.com reveals a shocking appearance (see image below).

It all started with the admin posting what looked like an innocuous report of some representations from some lawyer who had accused Nipate.com of violating his copy rights. It was something about Kikuyu Orthography which I am sure 99% of the readers did not pay attention to or even were aware had been posted.

There followed a period of anxiety leading to the eventual suspension of the site.

A day before the suspension, one of the most prolific contributors – a Kenyan-Australian – hurriedly created a site with an eerily similar name: Nipate.org  and sent out invites for members complete with login details. It was proof of dedication considering the large number of members she had to generate emails for, open accounts and then individually post to their private message boxes in the soon to die nipate.com.

As if that was not enough, a pro-regime member who “loudly” asked how he could copy whole sections of the dying nipate.com. He said nothing when I asked him if he was doing the bidding of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) – the Kenyan secret police notorious for perpetrating Extra Judicial Killings, Political Interference and generally harassing perceived opponents of whatever regime in power. It has recently strengthened its online branch and routinely collects data on users to use against them to exert pressure and blackmail them. It is so pervasive that one cannot put the destruction of nipate.com beyond this body.

Anyway, in the period before the suspension of Nipate.com I had been at the forefront of urging Kenyans to emulate Nigerians and create more debating fora. I was amazed by the outcome. I got at least three links one which I have misplaced and two which now appear below.

So now Kenyans have the following sites to debate:



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NattyDread · February 17, 2015 at 18:27

Well, it turns out that Nipate.com is back with a force, soaring and growing, while the cheap stunt of blatant plagiarism that bore Nipate.org has achieved the only just result: a moribund, desolate echo chamber where disjointed threads betray the characters of the cyber-nomads that populate it. They walk aimlessly in an out of bulletin boards, leaving traces of their frustrations and bitterness everywhere they go.

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