The Uhuru Kenyatta regime went to great lengths to frustrate the Saba Saba rally in Nairobi. 15000 policemen – almost the entire police force – were transported to Nairobi to ensure that the rally was a flop.

They positioned themselves at entry points to roads leading from settlements in peri-urban Nairobi to the city centre. Public transport was sabotaged with traffic police instructed to harass collective taxis (Matatus) and force them away from ferrying rally supporters to the venue. The police set up roadblocks and detained matatus. Passengers were subjected to body searches and many arrested on the flimsiest of excuses and thrown in black marias and driven to holding camps and police stations. The few allowed to proceed would be subjected to such intrusive searches and harassment at several point on their journey before either giving up and going back home or arriving tired and demoralised.

Yet the spirit of democracy remained strong and enthusiastic. We bring you some of the pictures of the men and women who braved Uhuru’s draconian police state to attend the rally and draw up 13 resolutions reached at the rally and which now forms the basis for a referendum.Saba_Saba47

Saba_Saba33 Saba_Saba34 Saba_Saba35 Saba_Saba38 Saba_Saba41 Saba_Saba42 Saba_Saba43 Saba_Saba45

The Right and Left Ear of Uhuru Kenyatta

Saba_Saba30 Saba_Saba31 Saba_Saba32 Saba_Saba33 Saba_Saba34 Saba_Saba35 Saba_Saba36 Saba_Saba39 Saba_Saba42 Saba_Saba46

They will be put up as they come:


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