Almost every day, I read “an Open Letter to Raila”. Just like here on Nipate, the letters appear coordinated and either written by the same persons or based on a standard script. It has no mattered whether the signing “authors” are seasoned journalists, columnists or employees of the various state universities sometimes called “lecturers” or by their titles (these days produced by the wheelbarrow and not scholarship) “Professor”.

One finds the following in each of the pieces: “Madness”, “US[A], “Mass Action”, “Constitution”, Swearing in”, Illegal” “Coup”, “Banned” “Police” “Elections”, “Defeat” “Uhuruto won”. These terms are employed in more or less the same way. In its entirely, each of the articles produced have tendentious traits,  Show open hostility towards Raila and CORD and make unfounded claims even while claiming to be “balanced”. Rhetorical questions intended to cast Raila and CORD as hopelessly out of sync with the “majority” of Kenyans are made with no support for where the said “majority” voted for the article.

To me it is very simple: If Raila is a mad man, then nobody need worry about anything. In Kenya is is believed and happens to be true to some observable extent that every market has a mad man or two. I have never seen an entire president shaking in his pants because some “mad man” is mobilizing people to go for a rally in Nairobi. Usually nobody listens and nothing happens.

So clearly the writers of these pieces are being disingenuous and not altogether honest.

The sad part of it is when a serious newspaper attaches itself to partisan interests. For the record, I and several friends have written “Open Letters to Uhuru Kenyatta”. None has been published. Yet they were clearly of a much better quality than the political pamphlets being produced by the now out of ideas Jubilee Propaganda offices. So poor are these “letters to Raila” that their best achievement is to confirm the fallen standards of the once mighty Daily Nation.

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